Genesis Blade
premium general purpose band saw blade.

Genesis Blade

Precision Blades “Genesis” M42 high cobalt Bi-Metal blade is a premium general purpose band saw blade. It possesses strong wear resistant tooth hardness that ensures longer blade life. Excellent choice for cutting small solids and thin wall tubing including carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, and tool steels.

“Genesis” blade material is manufactured using high cobalt European mined ore. The chemical composition of the finished product possesses a unique metallurgical structure exclusive for all Precision Blade products. Our state of the art manufacturing processes is methodical in guaranteeing every tooth is properly sized, set, and extra sharp. Precision Blades proprietary welding process also delivers a stronger bond which withstands higher feed rates than other blades on the market.

Genesis Brand
                                                                                   Pitch-Teeth/Inch (TPI)
Widths Gauges 4\\6  5\\8 6 6\\10 8\\12 10\\14 14 18
1/4″ .025″ X
3/8″ .032″ X X
1/2″ .025″ X X X X X
1/2″ .035″ X X X X X
3/4″ .035″ X X X X X
1″ .035″ X X X X X
1 1/4″ .042″ X X X X
Available as single edge only

* For large quantities, consult factory for additional discounts.

“Genesis” is available with:

  • 6 widths of ¼” to 1 ¼”
  • Thickness gauge, depending on width, of .025”, .035”, and .042”
  • Eleven pitches from 6 to 18 Constant and 10-14 Variable Teeth/Inch (TPI)
  • Available as a single edge only

To insure maximum life of M42 band saw blades it is extremely important to properly break them in. The correct procedure after installation is to reduce the feed force into the material at 50% of normal speed for a period of 20 minutes. Then gradually increase feed force in 4 steps during a 10 minute period. This break-in process can extend blade life up to 50%.

*Consult Precision Blades technical staff at (662) 869-1034 for more information and recommendations for your specific applications.

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