About Us

Precision Blades is a 41 year manufacturer of band saw blades located in North East Mississippi, providing band saw blades to many different industries including, but not limited to manufacturers and fabricators of: Foam, Rubber Skiving, Polyurethane, Leather Splicing, Cardboard, Packaging, Food Processing, Wood, Metals, Textiles, etc.

Precision Blades management is proud to state that all products are “made in the USA”. 

Through the implementation of advanced automation and refined manufacturing processes, Precision Blades has assimilated to becoming a low cost producer. As such, lower costs equates to lower pricing to our customers. However, we are also proud to state that lower prices do not equal lower quality. Our high quality standards will always be our top priority…..THAT IS A GUARANTEE!!

Precision Blades service is equally impressive with average shipment time of 48 hours from receipt of order. However, when called upon by our customers we will ship same day, when needed. You can always count on Precision Blades esteemed Customer Service Team to directly handle your service needs.

Additionally, consider Precision Blades your band saw blade experts. When technical assistance or blade choices are needed, our technical staff will answer all your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact us at 662-869-1034.

If you are already a Precision Blades customer we thank you and value your loyalty. If you are not a customer, and you are not completely happy with your present vendor due to pricing, quality, and or service, please call us for a quote. If our pricing looks appealing, we will supply samples for your testing and evaluation. We cannot make the process any simpler!

Precision Blades would love for your company to be part of our customer family.

Industry Leading quality, made in the U.S.A.

Precision Blades is built on one thing, and that is the satisfaction of our end user