CNC Super-Steel Contour Blade
The perfect solution when clean aggressive cutting and prolonged blade life is required

CNC Super-Steel Contour Blade

Precision Blades new CNC Super-Steel Contour Blade is a new revolutionary blade used when clean aggressive cutting and prolonged blade life is required. Super-SteelContour Blade teeth are extra sharp and hardened while maintaining high elasticity. The combination of the Super-Steel material and extra sharp processes, result in significant increase in blade life and user productivity.

Super-Steel Contour Blades material is manufactured using a special chemical composition steel possessing a unique metallurgical structure. Customer tests show Super-Steel Contour blades will provide up to 4 times the life of other blades on the market. Additionally, our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes is methodical in guaranteeing every tooth wi properly sized and extra sharp. Precision Blades proprietary welding process also delivers a stronger bond which withstands higher feed rates.


Knife 10 T 14T 18T 24T Piranha Scallop Special Notch
3MM X.45MM S S S S S S S
3MM X .6MM S S S S S S S
3.6MM X .6MM S S S S S S S
3.8MM X .7MM S S S S S S S
4.5MM X .8MM S S S S S S S

* For larger quantities, consult factory for additional discounts.

S = Contour blades available as Single Edge only

14, 18, 24 tooth blades available as pointed or flat

10 tooth Mini-Scallop only

Super-Steel Contour Blades are available:

  • Knife Edge or V-Tooth
  • V-Tooth pitches of 14, 18, 24 Teeth/Inch, (V or Flat tooth), 10 Tooth Mini-scallop, or Piranha Scallop tooth configurations
  • 4 widths available in 3, 3.6, 3.8, or 4.5MM
  • 4.5MM available with a longer tooth for extended blade life
  • Thickness gauge, depending on width, .45MM, .6MM, .7MM, or .8MM
  • Induction heat treated of teeth available for extended blade life
  • Single or double bevel
  • Single edge only
  • Stainless Steel available

*Consult Precision Blades technical staff at (662) 869-1034 for more information and recommendations, as well as details regarding samples on a trial basis.