Wide Knife Band

designed for specialty applications, including cutting re-bond, foam, rubber, leather, & packaging
Foam Big Band

Wide Knife Band

Precision Blades “Wide Band” knife blades are specifically designed for specialty applications, including cutting re-bond, foam, rubber, leather, packaging materials, insulation, carpet re-cycling, textiles, and cork. This blade is the perfect choice for skiving and peeling. . It is highly recommended to use “Wide Band” knife blades with machines that possess continuous sharpening grinding stones to keep blades sharp and maximize blade life. 

“Wide Band” knife blades possess a high carbon content mined from European ore. The unique metallurgical structure of our steel is exclusive to Precision Blades, resulting in holding the knife edge longer than other products in the market. Precision Blades pays particular attention to the  “Wide Band” welding process, which insures the weld hardness is the same as the blades hardness. Our welds deliver a strong bond, which withstands higher feed rates and provides extended blade life. The finishing process includes inductive heat tempering, to increase material hardness, then a final polishing process is implemented to insure proper, precise tracking.


There are 3 separate types of “Wide Band” styles:

Precision Track (PT) - Provides minimum deflection and blade movement.

Supreme Track (ST) - Higher degree of tracking, polishing, and specialty weld processing in the finishing process.

Ultra-Supreme Track (UST) - Ultimate tracking/polishing which eliminates deflection and blade movement specifically when cutting very thin material.



Sizing Chart

 Precision Track    
  Gauge .020"  .0236" .025" .032" .035" .040" .050"   List Price/Foot
1 1/2"   S   S S       38MM $1.50
2"       S S       50.8MM $3.00
2 3/8"     S       S   60.3MM $3.30
3"           S     76.2MM $3.90
3 1/4"     S           82.6MM $4.75
3 3/8"             S S 85.73MM $5.00
3 3/4"               S 95.25MM $6.60
4"               S 101.6MM $7.60
80MM     S             $5.70
    .5MM .6MM .63MM .8MM .89MM 1.02MM 1.27MM Metric  
      S= Single Edge          D=Double Edge        
Leather Splicing Blades                     
Supreme & Ultra-Supreme Track                    
  Gauge .020" .0236" .025"  .032" .035" .040"  .050"   List Price/Foot
2"     S S         50.8MM  $3.60
2 3/8"   S       S     60.3MM  $4.00
3"         S       76.2MM  $4.70
3 1/4"   S             82.6MM $5.70
3 3/8"           S S   85.7MM  $6.00
4"             S   95.25MM  $9.15
80MM               101.6MM $5.70
    .5MM .6MM .63MM .8MM .89MM 1.02MM 1.27MM Metric   
      S= Single Edge     D= Double Edge        

* For large quantities, consult factory for additional discounts.


“Wide Band” is available:

  • Widths from 1 ½” to 4”
  • Thicknesses gauges, depending on widths, from .020” to .050”.
  • Single or double edge
  • Knife Edge only
  • Zero, single, or double bevel
  • Custom bevel geometry (ie 2 to 1, 3 to 1, or specific measurement beveling).
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Optional V-Tooth available in 6, 8, 10, 14 teeth/inch. This option eliminates the need for  expensive sharpening stones and provides significant increase in blade life.

           See ordering designation references in the Ordering Matrix Section.

See foam blades accessories section for Knife Edge blade Grinding Stones for your particular machine.

Contact the Precision Blades technical staff at (662) 869-1034 for more information and recommendations for your specific applications.

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