The perfect choice when cutting soft to medium materials such as foam, plastic and rubber
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Precision Blades “V-Tooth” products are the perfect choice when cutting soft to medium materials including foams, plastics, rubber, packaging materials, etc. “V-Tooth” cuts more aggressively than a knife edge blade. However, if used on a machine with grinding stones, the stones should be disengaged. The most popular standard straight V-Toothed blade is 14 tooth. V-Tooth is also available with the more aggressive “conventional” type tooth which should be considered when cutting denser foams.

Precision Blades “V-Tooth” material is manufactured from high carbon European mined ore. The chemical composition of the finished product possesses a unique metallurgical structure exclusive for all Precision Blade products. Precision Blades has developed a new manufacturing process and design for V-Tooth blades resulting in an Extra-Sharp tooth and a "U" shaped gullet (versus a "V" shaped gullet). These small details provide smoother, more aggressive cutting and significantly extends blade life. Precision Blades proprietary welding process also delivers a stronger bond which withstands higher feed rates than other blades on the market.

Sizing Chart

"V-Tooth Blades"
  Gauge .020" .025" .032" .035" .45MM   List Price/Foot
1/4"   S, D         6.35MM $1.10
3/8"   S, D         10MM $1.05
1/2"   S, D S, D       12.7MM $1.15
5/8"   S, D         15MM $1.10
3/4"   S, D   S, D     19MM $1.30
1"   S, D   S, D S,D   25MM $1.70
1 1/4"   S, D         31.75MM $1.60
30MM           S, D   $1.60
    .5MM .65MM .8MM .89MM .45MM Metric  
    S= Single Edge         D= Double Edge      
  All V-Tooth blades available in 6, 8, 10, 14, and 18 Teeth/Inch (TPI) 
  in Standard or Conventional tooth configurations      

* For double edge blades, add $.20/ft.

* For large quantities, consult factory for additional discounts.


 “V-Tooth” is available:

  • 8 widths available from ¼” to 1 1/4” and 30MM. For widths narrower than ¼” see CNC “Contour Blade” section
  • Tooth pitches of 6, 8, 10, 14, 18 and 24 Teeth/Inch
  • Available as a Standard or Conventional V-Tooth
  • Available as a standard tooth setting,  ETS (Every Tooth Set, left or right), or Raker (Every tooth set left or right, with every third tooth
  • Available in a long tooth configuration for extended blade life
  • Single or double bevel
  • Single or double edge
  • 180 deg. twist for double edge blades
  • Heat treating teeth available for extended blade life
  • Stainless steel

*Consult Precision Blades technical staff at (662) 869-1034 for more information and recommendations for your specific applications.

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